Genki 2009; Day One

Genki 2009
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So it’s the first day of Genki 2009 and most of us [organizers] have been here since early morning or even the day before, since we were setting up for today. As something a bit different from other cons, we’ve chosen to open relatively early, at 10.00 AM, as opposed to late afternoon. This was in order to avoid a massive line forming in front of the building and adding a lot of stress in front of the reception and to the pashiri (gophers) and organizers having reception duty (which was me and two pashiri at the time).

This way, people could just drop by whenever they had time and be registered immediately. People seemed pretty fond of this, so we’ll probably try doing it again next year. Of course, we had made sure that the manga lounge, gameroom, cinema, and artist alley were all up an running by then, so that they would have something to do when they arrived. By around 02:30 PM, 32.5% of all participants had arrived.

The opening ceremony started at 04:00 PM, and while we were having some technical difficulties with the microphones not working, which was lé suck, people seemed to enjoy the show. Next year, we really should remember testing this kind of crap properly ^^’

Immediaetly afterwards was the music presentation by my lovely little kouhai, Hopy (who by the way got a 10 in oral Japanese, the second highest grade, so yaaaaay Hopy =D). I unfortunately didn’t have time to see the presentation myself, since I still had reception duty and people were starting to come in quite frequently, so I only had time to wish her luck and then hurry on back to pull my weight. From what I hear though, it was a smashing success and people really loved it so I think I did the right thing in scouting her for the job *pride* Hopefully, we can get her back for another presentation next year.

After the presentation, things started getting kind of hectic, and it was also time for me to get out of the reception since I had gotten so tired that I had started seeing weird creatures asking me for honey and a “Piglet”. My sanity might be starting to take damage O.o.

Anywho, we had a concert with the Lillith, the currently only Danish J-rock band, and our sound-technician had been gone for a while because he had to shop for some stuff that were missing. We were however able to get it up with minimal delay (30 minutes), which then carried over to the auction and game tournament. However, people didn’t seem to mind, which was lucky. It was also at this point we started using the white board by the reception to write the next planned events and the schedule changes. Next year, we should have a bigger board though…

The auction and game tourney (Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) seemed to be pretty successful. Dion Sørensen appeared as a contender, and from that point on, we were all pretty sure of who would win, since he’s one of the few people in Denmark who play at an elite level (at least compared to the rest of us). There was a time where Dion and I were pretty evenly matched in Tekken 5, but he kept playing while I didn’t, so the difference in experience really showed during practice matches.

While I could win rounds, I never won a match. So I figured I would just enter as Mokujin and hope for the best. I got my ass whooped in the first round though, as the level was actually surprisingly high, which was pretty cool. I look forward to a Tekken 6 tourney next year! >:3

I had to leave not long after however, but by the time I left, 88.1% percent of all participants had arrived, so today seemed pretty successful. What do the participants say?

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