Genki on… 4chan?

So, I woke up this moooor-errr… afternoon, logged on to MSN Messenger to check e-mails, when Aucry sends me a link to a page on 4chan. Not a 4channer myself, I usually get lulz images from him and avoid all the pointless crap. He’s like my 4chan-filter or something.

Anywho, he sends me the link, I click it, and low and behold, it’s the Genki Countdown animation that I animated and coded. How is that for a messed up morning? Something I animated was uploaded to 4chan O.o I wonder if it was Kurikku who did it…

That aside, it has been a productive day. Me, and several other Genki organizers, have been setting up for Genki for several hours now. We only have like 10-11 hours until doors open and still a loooot of stuff that needs to be done. I have however done all that I can, so I’ll be heading off home to finish the last of the documents I need to get ready and also fix an major bug in the coding of the Genki Countdown clock that jfs noticed, which made me facepalm myself for not having noticed it sooner. It was luckily an easy fix.

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