New Theme

Considering that this blogs birthday is about a month away, and that the old theme was hopelessly obsolete (but purple! ♥), I figured it was about time I changed the theme, and since myGallery slideshows and feature nodes and excerpts are all the craze, I went for that.

However, unsatisfied with the most popular of these types of skins, Arras, due to it being less than HTML friendly when it comes to tables and the likes. Instead, I ended up finding a discontinued theme called Options which I then customized to fit my specific needs and criteria; kind of like I did with the old one, but a bit more extensive.

It still has a quite a few bugs here and there (like headers, lists, tags, etc.), not to mention tons of stuff that now needs editing, but I hope to be able work on it little by little while I study for exams, and then have it done by the time I leave for Serbia. All in all, even though it’s fra from done, I’m pretty happy with the result so far. What do y’all think about it?

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