August 1st Update

Things have been reeeeally slow lately, so I couldn’t justify writing 3-line posts just to say what was up, so I’ve collected everything into one massive update post.

The issue with Mr. Jet remains unsolved, and I have yet to receive the refund for the cancelled tickets. They received the doctor’s note on my birthday (July 23), but say that “these things take their time, especially in the summer.” So I’m still 13.500 DKK short, and it’s not guaranteed that I’ll get all the money back…

My extremely, super, mega, hyper awesome girlfriend, Kaiki, gave me a late birthday present, since she’s was pretty sick on my birthday… but she’s all better now and is saving up for her trip to China for study purposes. Anywho, the present she gave me was the top three drawings seen here. She wanted to draw a new, original drawing, but her arms hurt too much, so she dug around for those three, because I like them so much (isn’t she just great? Two of them were even the original drawings! o.O). She also attached the sweetest message ever, and made me feel like the luckiest guy alive XD P.S. To all you single guys, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to “rub it in” if you feel bad about being single…

I finally got my very own Nintendo DS (Guitar Hero limited edition, wuuuhuw… and despite me not caring about this, I can hear the munching of some of you hardcore Guitar Hero fanboys eating your hearts out). In effect, this means I can add NDS games to the potential games to review, and that I no longer have to borrow NDS handhelds from other friends… Yeah, one of them got pretty pissed at me for not returning it on time XD

I am totally phailing (no, not a spelling error…) in terms of studying for my re-examination which is like… 2-3 weeks from now. You’d think I would’ve learned the first time around, but no, not really XD I just hope I somehow miraculously pass, so that I can continue on Year 1, it was my mom, in the living room, with the candlestick (obscure Cluedo reference that 90% of you are probably too young to get…).

Finally, I’ve been trying to catch up with borrowing/watching animoo, and hope to be able to give you some good reviews in the near future. I just don’t always have the time to write as much as I want, since I also have to manage the house alone and whatnot, and the hot weather really makes you lazy… Anywho, these are all the updates for now, I’ll try to think of something to write a post about soon ^_^

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