Trip to the Zoo

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For the last few weeks, I’d been having this really odd urge to go to the Zoo. So I went there (lulz XD) in the company of two lovely ladies, Nat and Chrissy, both of whom I hadn’t seen for about a year ^^ We had a kickass time with lots of laughs and awesome animals (PENGUINS!! ♥), and I even bought myself a mascot, seen on the right as the default image for the gallery slideshow.

Well, rather than a bunch of really boring text, I’ll just show you all the pictures we took =D Being the only one of the three without an actual camera (other than my phone), my pics are of sucky quality, so sorries XP Nat’s photos turned out really awesome and artsy, actually =3 Aaaanywho, pics galore!! I suggest watching them in full-screen (hover over slideshow, right-most button)

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