FFTA2 Job Requirement Animation

This flash was made (animated, edited, and coded) by me and it is heavily based on a similar, existing setup made by DjTav0 for GameFAQs.com, but with a certain minor tweeks and alterations. Unlike DjTav0’s setup, my version contains quest info, links, etc., made possible because I animated it in Macromedia Flash. The race images I got from the game itself. They are copyrighted by Square Enix and I use them strictly for non-profit, “educational” purposes.

•Hover over a race button to see information on the respective race.
•Click a race button to see its respective job tree(s).
•Hover your mouse over a job button to read its requirements.
•Click a job button to be directed to its respective article on the Final Fantasy Wiki (opens in a new window, so you may need to turn of your pop-up blocker or at least allow pop-ups from this page).

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