Candy from Yuan-Chan! =D

Candy from Yuan-chan.

Yaaaaay, I got Chinese candy in the mail today! =D

I was originally supposed to get some Chinese candy from Kaiki upon her return from China, but after having waited a month and a half for a promised phone call that never came, I told her she could just send it in the mail if she was too busy to give it to me in person, but alas, a month later it still hadn’t even been sent.

So in the end, I figured I would just go “screw it” (though I appreciate the gesture of Kaiki buying it at all) and ask someone I could actually count on instead; enter Yuan-chan! =D

I like that when a guy (this would be me), whom she’s never met and who lives practically other side of the planet, asks her to buy him some Chinese candy, she actually goes out and does it!

That is pretty friggin’ awesome, in my opinion XD She bought almost an entire kilogram (!!! pictured on the right) and payed for everything, even the shipping, herself, and then told me to not worry about it and just consider it an early birthday present =O

SO THANK YOUZ, YUAN-CHAN, WITH HEARTZ!! <3 I will be sending you a little, corny gift as a token of my appreciation and brotherly lubz XD
Also, I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to try any of it yet, since I am like super tired from not having slept for two days because I had to finish my year 1 project, so I will update this post once I wake up from my minor coma and have a taste of the goods :P Hearts to you all ♥

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