Eurovision 2009

Eurovision 2009 just finished a few hours ago, and the winner was Norway with their song, “Fairytale“! It won with a staggering 387 points (the max possible being 492), the highest score in the history of Eurovision thus far.

It apparently also received a landslide victory in Norway, when they were voting on which song should represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, getting a score about three times higher than the first runner-up O.o

In contrast with last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, I can actually agree with the choice of the winner this time around.

It was a pretty damn good song; the lyrics were cool, the music was catchy, I liked the choreography (even though that shouldn’t matter in a song contest), and it was an all-round hearts song.

However, while I never expected it to win, I’m disappointed that Serbia’s “Cipela” (it means “shoe” XD) didn’t make it through to the final, because I thought it was awesome and funny as hell.

Having grown up with this kind of music, I’ve grown accustomed to it though ^^’ Anywho, I thought it was catchy as Hell, so it should’ve gone through, chikushou~!! *pout*

Anywho, for those of you who watched it, who did you think should have won and why? Feel free to write it in the comment section ^^

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