Too Cool for School

It’s only been two days since Genki’s sign-up forms came up, and thus far, we already have 101 dalm- I mean, participants who signed up, almost 30 of which have already paid.

Considering how long it takes to get to Copenhagen from places like Jutland, and that people don’t actually have summer break yet, we suspect that some people might actually skip school on Friday to go to Genki as early as possible, which makes us too cool for school, I suppose XD I just hope we can live up to everyone’s expectations and have on Hell of a great time ^^

Like with J-Popcon 2008, I will of course be making ‘reports’ of each day seen from my perspective (so stuff I didn’t go to or see of course won’t be mentioned), so even if you can’t go to the con, you can still look forward to it XD I’ll try to add as many pics and vids as I can.

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