Surreal Dream

I had a pretty surreal dream last night, or… well… this morning, rather ^^’ I dreamt I was back in my village in Serbia about to leave for a stroll up to the school not far from my house, when my mom asked me something.

Mom: “Where are you off to?
Me: “To the school.
Mom: “Why?
Me: “Because it’s there.
Mom: “What kind of answer is that?!
Me: “A simple one. If I were going to the school, but the school wasn’t there, I would be going Nowhere. Noone can go Nowhere, but since I exist, I am not Noone, but Someone and thus I must go Somewhere. The school, like myself, also exists, so it is Somewhere, and since I am a Someone who must go Somewhere, and the school is Somewhere, I obviously go to the school because it is there. If you understood this, there will be no point in asking again, since you know why. If you did not understand this, then there’s no point in asking again, since the answer remains the same and you would simply not understand again. But regardless of whether or not you understood it or not, if you hadn’t asked me such a dumb question, I could have been there by now >:3

I really should lay off the healthy stuff like fruit, it obviously messes with mai mind! O.o

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