Genki Planning Progressing Smoothly

I went to the Genki meeting last night and I must say, we are progressing at amazing speed. We managed to finish a tentative schedule for all the events as well as a floor plan. We’re also in the process of putting a finishing touch on the rules for the cosplay show and just in general for the con.

We’ve also enlisted several outside people to help out with certain things that are within their areas of “expertise” (or at least “above average knowledge”), e.g. I asked Hopy and Nemu to make a presentation each for the con; one on Japanese pop-music and one on Japanese fashion/dressing styles, respectively.

We are still in need of actual Krew members (gophers, which I will probably refer to as pashiri [same concept, Japanese word]), but hopefully we’ll get some people to sign up.

The countdown clock for the con is still buggy, but I’m working on it as I write this and hope to be able to fix the last few coding errors and turn it into a template so I won’t have to code for hours in preperation of next years con. Best of luck to me =D

Well, there is a bunch of other stuff we did too, but I forgot :/ However, the Danish site will be updated at about midnight (CET) tonight, and I’ll probably have made the translations and updates for the English site by some time tomorrow evening, or maybe even tonight if I can’t sleep, so be sure to check out the site some time tomorrow.

Man, if everything goes off without a hitch, then this will be one KICK-ASSTASTIC con, so I’m totally looking forward to it. For all you readers residing in Denmark or who are visiting Denmark in the time frame of June 19-21 this year, be sure to sign up for the con ;)

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