So, some time ago while browsing on deviantART, I stumbled upon the most AMAZING drawing I’ve seen in months. It was called “The Magic of Butterflies” and was drawn by an artist called Samantha Whitten (she also goes under the alias, celesse). I was so absolutely in awe of how beautiful it was, especially the butterflies, that I stared at it for several minutes with my jaw hanging (as soon as I get enough money and a place to hang it, it is so gonna get bought!).

Anyway, I obviously had to see what else she had drawn, and that’s when the true shock came!! O.O The common themes of most of her art were… CANDY, CHIBIS, AND CANDY CHIBIS!! O.O It was lubz at first pencil stroke ♥♥♥ The drawing to the right is one made by her called “Nea Poli Tan” (the names of the three figures) and is based on Neapolitan ice cream (the slabs of ice cream they are sitting on). Since that specific kind of Neapolitan is my favorite ice cream, it was a clear winner for which of her drawings to use in this blog post ^^ It’s used with permission, by the way.

But her amazing art, the themes she uses (candy/sweets & chibis ♥♥♥), and her great way of combining them into original characters, such as Nea, Poli & Tan, Applepie-chan, Candycane-chan, the Cupcake Kitties, etc., there are so many <3 XD
Anywho, most of her art is on sale in various media, such as prints, shirts, stickers, those cell phone charms (or whatever they are), and so on. If you think, like I do, that her art is amazing and you’d like some of it, you can visit her product store on her very own website called bottledtalent.com.

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