Genki Lift-Off

Some of you may recall that I, back in late January, said that I had become an organizer of a new Japanese pop-culture convention in Denmark called Genki that was to have its debut sometime 2010. Well, a lot of things happened and now we are having a beta Genki in about 1½ months ^^’

Needless to say that I am swamped with having help organize the con, make the English version of the website, do grammar/spelling on the Danish one, code and animate lots of random crap, etc. in excess of studying for my exams and doing my year 1 project… *sigh*

Now, to the right you should see the Genki logo made by eskdecay. If all goes well, we’re gonna have it sown on jackets/blazers for the organizers to have, so that they are easy to recognize while making them look like Japanese students (the entire school uniform with school insignia thing).

Below, you’ll see a (currently still buggy) countdown clock I made for the con using the logo, as well as the super amazingly drawn mascot by Kaiki (I’m still stunned by how great she is at colouring and shading, not to mention her awesome sense of detail in hair and eyes which makes my mind go “PAFF!“. Btw, purple-ish eyes XD).

Anywho, wish us luck and that we won’t phail like the FAILosaures Rex =D

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