The always endearing Yuan-chan, whom some of you may recall wrote the Kino no Tabi review a month ago, has written a post on Animania; an Australian convention. I’m not gonna go into further details, as all this is explained in her post, so enjoy.

I’m still unsure about what the Animania mascot actually is…

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Animania in Sydney, which is an anime/manga/cosplay convention in Australia, with a few friends. This was also my first convention, so I was kind of wide-eyed at going O.O. I only found out about the convention the day before from my friend Vicki, who was begging people to come, so all of the planning was rather last minute.

Such a queue…

We caught the train from my city to Sydney, and received many strange looks from people as Vicki had decided to cosplay as Haruhi Suzumiya. A non-Asian Haruhi Suzumiya, but you still looked really good Vicki (so don’t hurt me!). However, we were very silly and didn’t pre-order our tickets, so we ended up waiting for 2 hours in the line. On the other hand, we also got to see all the cool (and… not so cool) cosplays while waiting.

Anyway, once inside, we spent a while looking at all of the stores. There were the usual: figurines, anime, manga, costumes and merchandise, plus some doujinshi artists who did some really neat work for us. I managed to pick up a Yoshitaka Amano artbook (I’m so happy!). I must, however, remember to bring more spending money next time =.=.

Ah! Amano Maten! Maten! Maten!

There was a theatre held during the day showing episodes of anime, as well as karaoke, a gaming room, and an origami workshop. The workshop finished by the time we got down there, sadly, but we got to watch the karaoke and gaming. I hope next time they might have more games – although the gaming area was quite spacious, there were only 3 platforms. I didn’t get to view the cosplay, newspaper cosplay or Chocobo dances (wark!) either: being on the shrimpy side, I couldn’t see the stage in the extremely crowded hall, and decided to go and watch the drawing competitions downstairs instead. I didn’t enter (cursed lack of inspiration!), but it was pretty cool watching all of the artists work in front of us.

We were rather tired after all of that, especially with how chaotic it was. Somehow, I managed to disappear on the way back to the train station (whoops ^^;), but we all managed to get home in one piece. I wish that the venue had been a bit bigger, but overall it was a very good experience. I’m definitely dragging my Japanese class along next time .

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