Tennis with Frodi

Hellooooooo ladies and gentlemen!! My name is Aiyin Di Skie and I will be the reviewer of the great match we witnessed today at the Danish Open [to Practically Anyone].

Today’s match had brough in not one, not two, but threeeeeeeee people to the stands. Sure, they were the groundskeepers and were just here to water the remaining courts, but let’s not have details get in the way! So without further ado, let’s begin the review of the match between

Frodilolli von Seksappeel Hecko “Wai me?! D:” Eks

The first set was pretty uneventful. Hecko Eks won the ‘racket spin’ (a type of “flipping the coin” used when you’re as broke as these students are and don’t have an actual coin to flip) and chose to serve first. He managed to pull of several service aces and completely dominated the first set with a 6-0 victory. Fans argued that Frodilolli was simply sore from having to dig his way through of the massive mountains of fanmail from female fans in order to leave his appartment and thus needed longer to warm up and loosen his joints.

The second set was, however, dramatical indeed! Only halfway through the first servce game of the set, Hecko Eks whips his arm during a serve, injuring the elbow joint and sealing his overhead serves for the rest of the match. He somehow manages to win his service game anyway, thanks to the lead he had accumulated before it happened.

During Frodilolli’s first service game in the set, it became obvious that the fans had been correct; Frodilolli’s serves had become sharper and far quicker, and he too managed to pull of a service ace. Furthermore, using his far superior physique with the advantage of Hecko only being able to serve underhanded, Frodilolli reigned supreme, managing several return aces and turning the tables with a lead 3-1. However, from that point on, Frodilolli had a series of bad luck with his serves, leading to many return aces, and many outs due to the strong side-wind, while Hecko had some extremely lucky points he only won due to that exact same reason (the strong side-winds).

Hecko managed to win the set 6-4. Many of the service games were however decided after the advantage shifted several times, so they were all very close, exciting games.

In the third set, something truly odd happened. During a service return, Hecko suddenly yells “HADOUUUUUKEEEN!!!”, resulting in the return becoming an ace. Similarly, during a later service, Frodilolli suddenly yells “SONIC BOOM!!” making Hecko unable to return the ball. Perhaps we have stumbled upon what it is that makes the pros play as well as they do…

Regardless, the set was 5-1 in Hecko’s favour, due to Frodilolli’s streak of bad luck continuing. However, as the true fans cheered him on, he somehow managed to find and bring forth the true power of Seksappeel, and claw his way up to a 5-4 score while losing only one or two points per game.

Knowing exactly how devastatingly overpowering Seksappeel can be, Hecko, despite his injury, unseals his overhead serve and wins the set and match with a spectacular service ace! What a game! What a match!! What incredible players!!!! And such ends our review, but be sure to follow the show next time, right here on channel M-27 *wink*

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