Café Noir Commercials

I dislike coffee greatly, however, I really like the (neo-)noir movie genre, so when Café Noir aired these commercials, I was like “<3 THIS SHOULD BE A MOVIE!! =O” Noir movie lovers will know what I’m talking about. The rest of you might be “WTF!? O.o” I unfortunately wasn’t able to find the one with the guy chasing after his love (she was on a train departing from the station or something) only to stop because a horse with ears in flames started talking to him.

EDIT: I’ve found all the remaining commercials, but one (the one with the rabbit talking directly to the viewer), on the Danish homepage for Café Noir. The commercials can be seen here (select them by pressing the buttons at the bottom, but note that despite their placement, L’homme Noir comes before Le Train). Because subs are in Danish, I’m adding translations at the bottom of this post. They removed the page ;_;

Clown Rabbit


L’homme Noir
Man: I cannot reveal who we are, how many we are and what we do. But if you are curious, then maybe you could visit our hotel for a single night. However, you will only get the key to room number 7 by sending us a message telling us who you are. ‘Till we meet again.

Le Train
Puppet: It’s the key to her heart. Get off at the next station.
Horse: She is waiting for you. Do you have the key?
Puppet: Now she is mine.
Horse: Amature.

Le Ventriloque
Puppet: It is not a good sign, if the elevator starts moving sideways.

Le Cheval
Horse: One of the dinner guests should not be trusted. But you will probably discover that.

Le Clown
Clown: After dinner, Julie will probably ask you to dance. But I’m watching you.

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