Lulwut Update?

Ever had those times where you’ve been busy as a sannnnzamabitch, but it’s like you’ve haven’t really been doing anything? Yeah, totally, that’s where I am right now. Anywho, this update is just so to let peoplez know I’m not dead or injured or in a coma or kidnapped and held for ransom by a group of ninjas dressed like the Mushroom Kingdom’s version of the Village People.

I’ve been staying creative, making Flaming Ninja stuff on my deviantART account. Below is a small sample of the stuff I’ve made recently (click thumbnail for full image on DA). It’s mostly killing memes and making images for forum stuff.

Other than that I’ve been keeping busy with my year 1 project, which I had to present with my group a few days ago. In about a month and a half we will have to turn it in, so it’s exciting to see how it turns.

Of anime I’ve been following has been “Soul Eater“, which finished not long ago. I don’t plan on writing a review on it since it got pretty infamous in the West. Instead, I’ll most likely review “Ballad of a Shinigami“, which was recommended to me, and later on possibly also “Black Jack” (the first show). Also, I’m still waiting for “One Outs” to finish, which is probably the best series I’ve seen in the last six months.

What else, what else? Ehm… Events! Yuan-chan was at an animecon called Animania which she promised to write about, so look forward to that. Also, I’m helping out at the Sakura Festival here in DK next week, so I’ll be writing about that (hopefully with pics). Uuuuhm… Oh, yeah, and I’ve become the unofficial substitute English language teacher for a year 1 class at my former gymnasium, and apparently, I’m pretty popular =3

And that’s pretty much all from me for nauz, so stay safe peoplez, bai baiz ♥

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