Music of the Moment #10

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Yeah, as some of you have probably noticed by the lack of posts authored by me, I’m still pretty busy. While I did finish my econ exam, I have a midway evaluation in my year 1 project coming up here on Monday, so I’m not entirely sure when I’ll have time to post regularly again. M Dash is therefore gonna stay open for outside authors for a little while longer. Until then, here’s yet another filler post! >:3

#5: “One Day” – The Loose Dogs #4: “Sakura” – Ketsumeishi
#3: “U Go Girl” – Lee Hyori #2: “Endnu En” – Nik & Jay
#1: “Shake It” – Metro Station

#5 was the first ending of the fourth season of the anime series, Major. And I love the part starting with “boku wa boku no michi, kimi wa kimi no michi…” and the chorus rocks too.

#4 is a “classic” from a few years back, which I found by accident. According to one of my friends, when he was boxing in Japan some years ago, it would always play in the gym he was training at.

#3 I heard during the ASP Student Council sushi making event, because Nemu wanted to show us the rediculous “OK! =D” part. I totally have a crush on the background dancer on the far right with the shoulder-long hair <3
#2 I just like because of the synthed voices and the chorus.

#1 is just plain awesome, and for the best fanvid to the song (made by CoinPurseVidz), go here. I totally want the oversized fish-thing! D=

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