Street Fighter IV Tourney!

Yup, a 4-hour written exam less than a day away, and what do I do? I join a friggin’ Street Fighter IV tourney…

Aaaanywho, first some credit where credit is due. Today was the first attempt by Kameko, the Danish anime/youth union, to create an actual gameroom, and in my honest opinion, they did a fucking good job at it. They had several consoles going at all times, with the tournaments being played in the corner so that the image could be projected on the wall making it possible for the maximum number of audience members to see what was going on while the players sat in comfy, large sofas. They had a makeshift stage/platform for the Guitar Hero game, so that you could really get into it, and Wii bowling was in a semi-restricted area with a border you couldn’t overstep (or you’d trip), which also added to the ‘realism’. The tournament games and respective times for each tournament were made public several days in advance, and great effort was made to stay on schedule. They even had a bar with soda and served food =D The only “bad” thing was lack of easy access to the sofas, which could be solved by moving the empty bookcase(?) 30 centimetres away.

So a big pat on the back to Pacman & co. for a job fucking well done! It looks like a certain someone could learn a thing or two from these guys on how to make/manage a pleasant, efficient gameroom… Anywho, below are a few pics of the gameroom(s) (the Stepmania thing was in a seperate room) to give you an idea of how it looked. All four photographs were taken by Madman and are used with permission.

And now to the tourney! >:3 The Street Fighter IV tourney was the first of I think six tourneys and more or less the only one I was interested in. It was played on a PS3 and on regular controllers, much to the dismay of everyone, but the guy who brought it (the PS3+games and stuff) couldn’t carry two arcade sticks as well, so I guess it’s understandable. Luckily, I got to have a few dozen practice matches to try and get used to playing on a controller, but in the end, it was no good. I was redundantly slow with the analog at times and made several errors, such as pressing the wrong shoulder-button, since I had never played the game on a controller (only on an arcade stick) and thus couldn’t get used to the button placements.

Anywho, 10-12 people signed up to play, most of which had played the game before which meant more fun for me and my Ken =3 Everyone was to play three randomized matches, at which point the scores would be added (each round won = +1 point, even if you lose the match, I guess) and the top four players would play the semi-finals and finals. My main concern was Bob, which those of you with INSANE long-term memories may recall had also been my main concern in the Rise of a Ninja Tourney (yes, I’m looking at you, Yuan-chan O.o). Coincidentally, he turned out to be my first opponent =_=;

Bob had a pretty aggressive Ken (kinda like me, when I play online), however, turtle-ing against an aggressive Ken almost always equals a win because they are bound to use a flaming Shoryuuken which you block, at which point you have a free shot at them. So long live Random for being such a bastard in Tekken Tag Tournament so many years ago, forcing me to learn how to play turtle style XD So I ended up winning 2-0, but what I like was that he was determined to catch up to me in the remaining matches (it wasn’t over yet! XD).

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I don’t remember so much of the other matches, since they all ended within like 30-40 seconds ^^’ I don’t say that to be mean, I honestly think it only happened so quickly because none of us had played it on controllers before that day, but that I hadn’t gotten more used to it thanks to my practice matches. Anywho, I know I played Sharlark’s Chun-Li, where I also won 2-0 (someone commented “well, look at the bright side, at least you gave him damage” XD), and then against ImpKeeper’s Dhalsim (I wanted to play against his E. Honda though :/), again 2-0. Then came the semi-finals where I played against Morten J.’s Zangief (he has a pretty good Zangief actually), winning 2-0, and in the finals, guess who? Bob was back! XD However, the result of the finals was the same as in the first tourney match we had; a 2-0 win for me. So I would say I won that tourney pretty decisively XD However, it should be noted that after the tourney, Bob and I had two more matches where he picked Sagat and kicked my ass 2-1 both times. Also, his main was Akuma, which hadn’t been unlocked, so the tourney may have had a different outcome if all the characters had been unlocked.

Aaaanywho, my prizes were:
•A 19-3/8″ by 15″ Ciruelo Black Dragon Play Mat by Ultra-Pro for Magic: the Gathering (which I don’t play, but I guess I can use the mat as a mouse pad) worth between $10-15 depending on where you buy it.
•A giant poster of Call of Duty: World at War.
•An Orochi Warriors pin of my choice.

However, I just did it for the glory and lulz XD

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