M Dash Opens to Outside Authors

Long story short, I’m entering a period of exams, which means me posting here will be sporadic at best since I also have other obligations in addition to having to study. As such, I’m opening up M Dash to other authors for a trial period of 3-4 weeks. If it goes well, I’ll consider keeping M Dash open, if it doesn’t go well, the idea gets canned. But for the time being, I’m counting on you to help keep this blog active =3

For those who remember, M Dash has had a post from an outside author before, which turned out to be quite popular for a little while, so I do have some hopes that this will turn out well (at least to some degree). However, since I’m not just gonna give free database access to a bunch of people, all posts will have to be sent to me by e-mail for a final check (spelling, grammar, and content) before being added to the blog, but once that’s done, you’re golden =3 I will of course make sure you get full credit for the work, no worries, so make sure to add your name or nick to the post.

Posting rules

•All posts are to be written in English, obviously, since this is a blog for an international audience.

•For the time being, I can only allow review and recommendation type posts, such as anime reviews and game reviews, since these are that much quicker for me to process. If you’ve been to a local event (this does not include a friend’s birthday party or the likes…) or con or something, then that is also okay to write about. If you’d like to recommend something, like a band/singer, artist (in the world of art), a website, or something like that, please write something about them/it and why you are recommending them/it. For an example of what could go in a singer recommendation, see this great post by Hopy.

•I do not allow posts that are self-advertising (i.e. reviews/recommendations of your own site/blog/products). If you want your site linked to from M Dash, link back to us and you’ll be added on the “Links” page.

•All posts are to be sent as attachements to my e-mail, vma_aka_unknown♣msn[dot]com (I trust you can “decipher” this), preferably as Word documents since this allows you to use images as well.

•If I feel the quality is a bit lacking or that it is too superficial, I will correspond with you so that you have a chance of improving your post, i.e. I won’t shut you down just because it wasn’t good enough the first time around. If it’s just stuff like spelling or grammar, then I’ll correct it, no worries =3

•Avoid doubles whenever possible. If something has already been reviewed, don’t review it again if your opinion is more or less the same, so if that’s the case, write a comment instead =3 If your review is the diametric opposite of an existing review (i.e. dissing it if the first review praised it, or vice versa), then it’s a-okay.

Finally, feel free to write it in your own style and setup, you don’t have to try and match mine ^^ So just because I write an anime review like this doesn’t mean you have to do the same. I might add breaks to your reviews though, if it improves readability, but I won’t change content.

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