I Made Sushi! =D

Okay, “made” is maybe a bit generous, but who cares? XD Anywho, the ASP (Asian Studies Programme) Student Council were having a bonding event sponsored by Google yesterday, since Google apparently loves what the ASP Student Council are doing for the Asian Studies Programme on CBS (Copenhagen Business School), which is also sponsored by Google, among others.

Before any of us even got there, our host for the evening, who is also a member of the ASP Student Council, had already cooked the rice and sliced the fish and veggies, so all that was left for the rest of us to do was pretty much to roll the makizushi and shape/form the nigirizushi, but that was fine since that’s what I wanted to try the most =3 Obviously, I sucked at it XD But we all worked as a well-oiled machine to make the sushi by splitting up the chores; one team rolling makizushi and cutting it, the other shaping nigirizushi and adding the fish. However being six people in a way too small kitchen led to a lot of accidents, but none so serious that we couldn’t all laugh at them XD

The rest of the evening was spent just hanging out, talking, messing around, eating sushi, listening to Korean pop music, and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun actually ^^ I hope to be able to make sushi again soon some day. Maybe Random and his girlfriend will let me cook for them again and then I can try out some different toppings since I know Random’s girlfriend doesn’t like fish. Maybe bacon or something would be nice, lightly cooked of course =3

P.S. Yuan-chan: me, you, 8 years, sushi-date, don’t forget. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! O.o

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