Music of the Moment #9

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Having recently added the RSS of my blog to Facebook, I noticed that the videos in my posts aren’t visible, so all you who stalk me on Facebook will have to click the redirect link at the bottom.

Anywho, not much to say, I was shuffling the songs on my computer and found some “oldies”, but goodies. As for the Theory of a Deadman songs, if you like them, and you are a gamer with a love for good stories, I suggest not buying the album Gasoline, but getting the game Fahrenheit (called “Indigo Prophecy” in N. America) instead. It has a brilliant storyline (Random and I were like =O when we played it through), excellent gameplay, and four Theory of a Deadman songs from the Gasoline album as unlockable content (since they were used in-game).

Anywho, enjoy the songs.

#5: “Say Goodbye” – Theory of a Deadman #4: “Picture Perfect Love” – m-flo
#3: “Santa Monica” – Theory of a Deadman #2: “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
#1: “Naïve” – The Kooks

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