Religion: Preface

Before heading off the slippery slope of addressing religion, I thought it would be wise to state some specific issues first:

First off, I’d like to say that I am not trying to lead people astray. If you believe in a supreme being, whether you call it God, Jehova, Allah, or even Sven, that’s your own thing and I’m not gonna try to convince you that you should stop believing in them.

I openly admit that I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of such a being existing, or even several for that matter. I mean, if I can believe in luck, why should this be that much different? As such, I define myself as an agnostic leaning towards atheism.

Aaanywho, what I am trying to do is to convince people to not take the scriptures literally. They may work great as moral lessons or ancient laws, and taking them as such may make you a better human being, but believing them blindly and to the letter is somewhat foolish and has thus far brought nothing but hate and disagreement.

Secondly, while I would like for this series to get all around every religion, I will admit that the main focus will be on Christianity, since coming from a Serbian-Orthodox family, that is the only religion I have hands on experience with.

Thirdly, in the posts of this series, I will be using a great deal of videos from YouTube and probably also Google video. Some will be recordings of lectures while others will be of random people with webcam who feel they had to share something with the world. Some the latter will be used because they bring up valid points that could be interesting to discuss, while others will be a bit of a facepalm type of thing.

Finally, I obviously do not expect everyone to agree with every point that I make, just like I don’t agree with every point made by theists or other people. However, please try to keep your disagreements on a respectable level if you feel that you just have to verbalize them.

As for credentials and whatnot, I hold no PhDs in anything and make no claims of expertise on any subject. Everything I use is basic research method, human psychology, and normal common sense. Also, I should mention that I am an evolutionist, so be aware that I may be biased on some points, even if it isn’t intentional.

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