Asian Cooking

Last week, I was taught how to make fried noodles by one of my friends, who I call South Korea because… well… he’s South Korean. Anywho, he was taught how to do it the day before he taught me (can’t you just see the words “DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN!!” floating about?) by the MASTAH OF CHAINESE CUKING, Yuan Xia, one of many Chinese girls whom he describes as “just a friend” (riiiiiight *nods slowly with eyes closed* YOU PLAYER YOU!! XD).

After having learned how to make fried noodles, I of course wanted to make it for myself. However, since the many of the ingredients (like the proper noodles, decent rice wine, etc.) could only be bought in Copenhagen’s version of China Town, where you quite literally have to know Chinese unless you want to be dragged into some religion/cult, I made a much simpler version with the ingredients I could get.

Needless to say, being the brilliant cook that I am, the first time I made it, I gave myself a minor food poisoning or something similar… Major headache for two days, extreme nausea, and the feeling of my insides being about to burst. Not being discouraged, I tried again, the second time with far greater success (I didn’t almost die XD). One of these days, I’ll make a video showing how to make my extremely simple version, which is great for students on a budget, since it is low-cost, yet filling and easy to make (I may make a habit of this and post various recipes on the site).

After that, South Korea and I started talking more about cooking… err… and manly stuff, like football and hot women… Anywho, South Korea found a blog with lots of Korean style cooking, because he wanted to learn how to make Kimchi (a spicy Korean side dish), and showed it to me. The site is run by a Korean woman who goes by the name Maangchi, and she basically makes videos showing how to make various Korean dishes.

I generally like and greatly respect people who take the time to make tutorial-type videos on how to do make food, because it takes a shit-load of time and effort to make, and they do it just because they want to help/teach others. This is one of the reasons that I think that Maangchi is one awesome little lady XD That, and I just love her accent, BECAUSE ACCENTS ARE AWESOME!! ^_^ Anywho, if you want to learn how to make some simple, yet tasty Korean food, I strongly advise you to visit her website and witness the awesomeness of Maangchi yourself.

I hope you get inspired by Maangchi to cook something you’ve never cooked before, and I will try to make a habit out of posting recipes of the yummy food I learn how to cook, when I learn how to cook it (assuming I don’t suck so hard at making it that I kill myself with food poisoning or my oven exploding or something first XD). So I will be seeking help from South Korea & Yuan Xia (total tag team XD) for Asian style cooking (and my girlfriend, if she has the time and wants to teach me), and also my mom for Serbian cooking and easy Serbian deserts.

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