A dual-wielding assassin clad in purple with a bunny mask. Stuff dreams are made of. Nightmares, that is.

I’ve recently returned to playing Rappelz, an MMORPG made by NFLAVOR and hosted by gPotato, since I bought a laptop that wouldn’t overheat (100+ degrees celsius) and potentially explode in my face every time I booted up the game, which is pretty much “yay” for me.

In all its simplicity, Rappelz is probably one of the greater free-to-play MMORPGs to ever come out of Korea. So, what makes Rappelz so great? Well, anything hosted by something that uses “potato” in its name is by definition great, since we all know that potatoes are the greatest thing ever. EVER!!! >:3

I mean, just look at tudou.com (“tudou” is Mandarin for “potato”) which is essentially like YouTube, but without people caring about copyrights.

Okay, no, seriously, Rappelz is great because it is essentially an extremely simplified, free-to-play version of WoW, but without all the dilly-dallying. All quests in Rappelz are about two things and two things only; “hunt down” and “kill”.

Some quests will have you gathering a specific item in large numbers (5-30, usually), however, these items are always drops by enemies that you have to hunt down and kill. The drops of course don’t “activate” until you accept the quest, so there’s no chance of “saving up” and completing a quest immediately.

The graphics are actually damn nice, if your computer can handle the load, and the music is area specific and is actully pretty darn good in many of the areas.

Furthermore, Rappelz is the only MMORPG I’ve ever played where the evade stat actually MEANS SOMETHING!! O.O

In most MMORPGs I’ve played, you can raise evasion to the max and still only avoid like 1 in 30 hits, even by level 2 monsters. This is why it never paid off to be the extremely cool, swift, dual-wielding assassin class in any game, ever!! Until Rappelz… >:3

Also, since every mission has you killing something, the amount of pain-staking time you have to drag yourself through by level-grinding is greatly reduced since you earn experience points while doing a mission (from all the kills) plus you get a bonus amount when you complete a mission.

Hence, you are constantly earning experience and thus saving time by not have to level-grind so much outside of missions, which is hearts <3 on the other hand, this does also make the the quests rather uniform, since all you ever do is kill stuff.
Some quests will have you kiling area bosses, but killing a monster is killing a monster, they don’t have any real skills or are able to inflict status changes, so you don’t really have to worry about strategies unless the monster’s stats are insanely much greater than yours. But luckily, if killing monsters gets boring, you can try you hand at killing other players on the PvP (Player versus Player) server.

All in all, a great, free, simple, yet fun MMORPG that you can play whenever you have time to kill (see? you’re killing everything with this game), if you can spare the almost 4GB the game requires (this includes all the updates, but it is still a lot).

So it’s great, but it has some cons, like being rather uniform if you don’t like killing stuff and the game requiring a buck-load of space, but hey, at least it’s better than Ragnarok Online ^^ BETTER THAN RO!! >:3

Totally Totally awesome!

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