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I finally received the FTP and server info for the Asian Studies Programmes’ many website, which means I have finally begun work on some of them, most notably the main site,

The long delay was caused by several unfortunate events leading to everything being dumped on a guy who originally wasn’t meant to do the websites. It was not until Nemu asked me if I knew anyone from the ASP who could do websites that I realised that something was wrong, and I then made direct contact with the… err… ASP… something something… group of people who manage like parties and talk-nights and other aspects of the programmes ‘n stuff… shut up! >_<
Aaaaanywho, as you can see from the image, I haven’t done a lot to the website other than further customizing the already customized Day Dream theme by Jim Whimpey of, so that it would look like I wanted it to look. I also experimented with some code and tried to figure out some other issues that were bugging me with the theme design. Actual content should come some time in the beginning of next week and hopefully the site will be done by next Sunday, unless something unforseen happens.

That aside, I would like to implore everyone to read the monthly online ASP newspaper, Renmin Shinbun, even if you aren’t part of the ASP. The staff does a great job of writing interesting articles, so it’s well worth a read! Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, the characters at the top of the Renmin Shinbun website (人民新聞) read “Jinmin Shinbun“; it means “public newspaper“, so go nuts with it! =3

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