Burned!: Remember Your Tray!!!

How friggin’ hard is it to pick up your tray and throw out the crap that’s on it when you finish eating at a fast-food restaurant!? D8<
I usually treat myself to a trip to MickeyD’s (McDonald’s) once per week after school if I or one of my friends are hungry. No matter when we go, there are always 2-3 tables that we, or other people for that matter, can’t sit down at because some jackasses left all their garbage on the table when they left.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a messy person and anyone who has seen my room would agree with me. I have papers, wires, books, CDs/DVDs, and a bunch of other random items such as card decks, vitamin bottles, sun glasses, etc. spread all over the room. However, in all its chaos, I know where everything is, so it’s an organized mess.

But Jesus F. Christ, if even a slob like me has the common curtesy to clean up after myself when I eat at a fast-food restaurant, then what the hell is wrong with the people who leave their crap behind? How about respecting the staff instead of being fucktards? Despite what people may think, cleaning up after jackasses is not part of the work contract; they don’t get paid for doing it, it’s a waste of time that could have been used to serve customers, yet the workers are usually forced to clean up the messes anyway.

So do the staff, and the people who need the seats after you, a favor; remember your friggin’ tray!!

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