Genki Desu Yo!

Yeah okay, it’s a bad pun… Not only have I been feeling better (“genki desu” = “I am well”), but I’ve quite litterally become an organizer of Genki (“genki desu” = “I am a ‘Genki'”), a new J-pop convention set to make its debut in August 2010 :3

Well, “organizer” and “organizer”, I am the Danish-to-English translator for the English version of their site (the Danish version can be seen here), one of the webmasters for both sites, which are still under construction, and I’m probably gonna help out with random stuff during the preperation and setting up of the con itself.

I find this a perfect opportunity; those of you who read my less-than-favorable conclusion of J-Popcon 2008 will know how annoyed I was with the fact that information from J-Popkai (the group in charge of J-Popcon) never reached the people attending the con and that their website wasn’t being updated with new information on events or schedules like they had promised.

Now, I get the chance to put my money where my mouth is (or something… would make more sense if there was money involved somehow…) and show how that it wasn’t just a bunch of whiny bitching on my side. Let’s just hope I don’t mess up XD

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