Allergic to School

This is just typical. Yesterday was my first real day of school after Christmas holidays and my oral Japanese exam, not counting the one economics lecture I had.

Anywho, yesterday was awesome, had me some Japanese grammar, actually missed that, so I was totally looking forward to another day of Japanese, but what happens? I get sick. Not the “I have a fever of a gazilion and make the things around me spontaniously combust” kind, but more of the “Why did I go on the world’s wildest rollercoaster when I get motion sickness even from the merry-go-rounds..? *BLARARAARAGHURRF*” kind. And this just bites, cause I was finally getting back the much needed motivation to study.

OH THE HORROR!! ————–>>

Under normal circumstances, I would just suck it up and get on with it, since it is not uncommon for me to go to school sick, as long as I’m not infectious (though everyone always gets a little Hecko-fever XP), but since I have to take people to Tai Chi class in two days, I’d rather not risk it getting worse. I’m hoping for it to clear up by today or tomorrow at latest. SO GET WELL, ME!! THANK YOU, ME!!

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