Happy Chinese New Year!!

恭喜发财!! I’m suspecting that it was a combination of various Chinese New Year greetings that led to Spock’s “Live long and prosper :3“, but who knows? XD

Lubz goes out to Yuan-chan in Australia, Chrissy in London, Kaiki in Henan, Martin whereever the hell in the world he is at the moment (I think he’s in Pisa now, lulz XD), my Asian peepz here in Denmark, and of course to everyone else celebrating this holiday!! :3

Also, Yuan-chan, I want those itty-bitty piggy committee cakes, chikushouuu!! >_< Send me ooooone (of each flavour) D= Make sure that you made at least one of the ones you send :3 And Kaiki, if you're reading this, I wanna see pictures from the parades :3 And don't forget my Chinese candy!! D=

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