Still No Word

Being left in the dark is one of the few things I really despise from the core of my being, since I am the type who prefers confirmation on news/decisions that affect me, whether they be good or bad.

Anywho, I have not heard from Mastiff concerning the reality show, and since it has been a week since the interview, I can only assume that it is because I didn’t make the cut. While a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to go, I’m also relieved since it means more time to prepare for my economics exam.

I also haven’t heard back from Saizen Fansubs yet, as to why it was that I failed their test for QC. While I am okay with not making the cut (even though I wanted to), I would just very much like to know what I did wrong, or just not well enough, so that I can work on that and maybe apply somewhere else. So I have asked on their forum and hope for a reply there instead. ^^’

Edit: I just got a reply, and apparently, I missed a bunch of errors ^^’ It’s odd, and kind of embarrassing, that none of them stuck out, even when I compared the test-video with the final releases after I had been told I didn’t make the cut. But it seems I need to work on spotting timing errors :3

Finally, I have yet to receive my grade for my sociology paper >_< Apparently, everyone else from my class have gotten their results back, so I'm the only one (as far as I know) that hasn't. So I'm gonna go to the administration office on Friday so that I can go cheer on my kouhai who have their oral Japanese exams on that day ^^
Edit: Let’s just say I’m an idiot and keep it at that…

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