Wait… what!? O.o

I no longer know what to believe in… O.o Despite my nervous outburst yesterday night, I not only passed my oral Japanese exam, I passed it with grades to spare and a few encouraging words on great potential if I just work on my active knowledge (i.e. practice actively constructing sentence in proper grammar, rather than just being able to understand the grammar like I do know). This honestly came as a shock to me, since I was sure I was gonna fail, especially since I was actually late for my exam… =_=; So thanks WLAH for saving my ass by switching times with me.

But yeah, I was pretty much carried through the two grammar points I had to use to construct sentences, since one I couldn’t remember at all, and the other, while I did understand what it meant, didn’t know how to use in a sentence. Luckily, I did quite well in the extemporaneous text and in the free discussion, despite having to use words I’ve never used before like “home-economics”. Luckily, I could ask in Japanese how the word from English would be translated, so it was not a big loss of points. Anywho, YAY FOR ME!! :3

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