Music of the Moment #7

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Sorry, but I so totally don’t have time to write another actual post, so here’s yet another filler. SORRIES!! D: The next post will be on whether I pass the Jap exam I’m studying for right now or if I fail it (more likely). After that, I should be back to more regular updates, I hope.

On a sidenote, had a really long talk with Kaiki today for the first time in several months, which was pretty gosh-darn nice actually, since she’s really fun to talk to!! I really miss hanging out and having fun with her, so I hope she’ll enjoy the remainder of her time in China and return safely so that I have someone to laugh at my stupid jokes :3 BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT, ON WITH DA MUSIC!!

#5: “Gekidou” – UVERworld #4: “Fake It” – Seether
#3: “Tunak Tunak Tun” – Daler Mehndi #2: “Iris” (cover) – New Found Glory
#1: “Sunday Morning” (cover) – David Choi

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