To be Cast for Reality Show

As you no doubt have noticed, updates have been… well, non-existant for a few days. Two reasons for this:

1. I have a Japanese oral exam in a week that I am studying for.
2. I’m going through the casting process for a reality show.

The first reason is self-explanatory, so I’ll just clarify the second one. Sometime late November last year, I signed up for a Danish/Japanese reality show for the Danish TV3 (Viasat). The reality show will be shot in Japan where the contestants will take part in Japanese TV game shows, and other undisclosed things meant to give people a culture shock, and in the end one lucky winner will get 250,000 DKK (currently about US$46,000 / €33,500). To the right is a video of the commercial used to get contestants for the show with subs added by me. I am so totally looking forward to it XD

However, before I even get so far, I’m gonna have to go through the last interview on Wednesday and if I “pass” that, an actual casting. If I pass that as well, then I am off to Japan for 30 days of shooting a reality show. So wish me luck :3

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