Readers of the Year 2008 + Stats

So the year of 2008 is coming to an end. Before that happens, I would like to thank all the readers of M Dash, and I would also like to present a prize to the Readers of the Year, 2008. The M Dash Reading Award, seen on the right, has been drawn by me for this specific purpose and can be viewed in full size by clicking on it (please do, as it looks ridiculous at a width of 200px). Anywho, the readers of the year, to whom the trophy-drawing goes to, aaaaaare… *drum roll*

Nine complete anons, whooooooo!! Yeah okay, truth be told, I don’t know who they are (though I do have suspicions) since they never leave a comment ;_; but each of them have visited M Dash +100 times. Only God knows why though, cause it’s not like we’re interesting or anything O.o ANYWHO, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, SO CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS FOR READING, MUCH LUBZ!! And now for some boring stats:

General Stats

Up-time: Since July 6th
Total amount of visits: 2,255
Total amount of unique visits: 1,569
Total amount of pageviews: 4,410
Total amount of unique pageviews: 3,572
Highest amount of visits in a day: 38 (December 25th)
Lowest amount of visits in a day: 0 (September 5th, server downtime)
Highest amount of pageviews in a day: 108 (November 27th)
Lowest amount of pageviews in a day: 0 (September 5th, server downtime)

Top 5 Most

Amount of Visits from a Country

United States of America: 606 visits
Denmark: 465 visits
Australia: 178 visits
Indonesia: 126 visits
Malaysia: 100 visits

Viewed Articles (amount of visits)

Main page: 825 visits
FFTA2 Job Requirement Animation: 357 visits
Law of Ueki: 249 visits
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie: 160 visits
Bartender: 156 visits

Viewed Articles (time on page)

Memories of a Rock Band: 00:14:56
Ghost Hunt: 00:09:37
Booking a Hostel: 00:09:17
Bartender: 00:07:41
There She Is!! Series Finalized: 00:07:38

Visits from a Source

google: 782 visits
(direct): 391 visits 239 visits 196 visits 119 visits

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