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All regular readers, please disregard this page unless you play “Naruto: The Broken Bond.” I am only making this post because the forums at are made with a security feature not allowing regular users to edit their posts after a certain time has passed. This fails since the thread I made require frequent edits to the first post. Anywho:

Having played a bunch of Live matches in NTBB, I have noticed that only extremely few people follow the unwritten code of honorable and respectful gameplay. As such, I decided to write it down so people who don’t know about it can be educated. Additionally, I will compile a list at the bottom on how to properly avoid/counter-attack the most commonly spammed moves in the game. If you know of a way to avoid/counter-attack a move that isn’t mention, write it in a reply and I will add it to the list (you will get credit for it of course).

Player’s Etiquette

1. Be a good sport, even when you lose.
1.1 Bad-mouthing will get you nowhere and might just get you banned if complaints are filed against you.
1.2 Don’t give someone else a bad player rep (feedback), just because you lost, is petty and pathetic.
1.3 If you want to avoid them because they are too good or bad, use the “Player Skill” section of “Avoid this player”. The other “Behavour” section does not apply fighting games.

2. Don’t be a poor winner either.
2.1 When you win, it’s over, so stop hitting. Finishing an entire string (combo) or starting a new one serves no purpose other than being disrespectful to the person who lost.
2.2 Verbally rubbing the opponent’s loss in their faces is just as bad.

3. Don’t be a whiner.
3.1 People who just spam the same move over and over again are annoying, but instead of whining about it, learn how to block, evade or counter-attack it. It’s not like you won’t see the move often enough to find out what works and what doesn’t…
3.2 Yes, characters like Kyuubi Naruto and Uchiha Itachi are way overpowered and yes, every 3 out of 5 players use one of them, get over it. If you’re a half-decent player, it should really matter who the opponent uses.

Am I missing anything?

Spam moves

Kyuubi Naruto
XXX: If you ever played against a K. Naruto player, you’ll notice that roughly 9 out of 10 spam this string throughout the entire fight because it’s fast, it tracks the opponent, covers a lot of ground, and if the third hit connects, they have major frame advantage. The proper way of dealing with this string is simply to block it. Block the three hits, and during that ½ second that the opponents has to stop to do the string again, counter-attack, then block again. Most, though not all K. Naruto players, are usually too dense (no offense) to mix up their game with low attacks or throws, since XXX works on so many people, that they’ll go right back to doing the string after each counter-attack.

Rock Lee
XXXXY: If you get hit by the first punch, the second on is guaranteed, but you can block the third and fourth punch and then you have a choice. You can either counter-attack directly, or you can side step in a half circle around the opponent and start the string in their back. If you aren’t fast enough to side step in a half circle, or in case Lee has activated the 8 Gates or Rage, I recommend just counter-attacking immediatly. However, you are fast enough, and Lee has activated neither of the two things, many characters will have be able to perform a full string, killer move included, so go all out.

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