Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

I’ve recently embarked on the “Infinite Circle of Returning Games… of Doom“. Has nothing really to do with damnation of any sort, but adding “Doom” to a title automatically gives it a +15 coolness stat at the risk of dying after three turns (bad Final Fantasy series reference…).

Anywho, the concept is simple; you get a game for the Xbox 360, if it is awesome you keep it, if it sucks more than a vacuum cleaner on steroids, you get as many achievement as you care to get, and then return it to the store within the 7-14 days you have to return it in exchange for a different game in the same price range. Then just repeat.

This allows me to test a game out for real, before deciding whether or not to get it, and it allows me to start up these game-themed rants.

On to the topic at hand! The first game I got after starting the… eh… ICoRGoD (lulz, “I cor God“, how blasphemic XD), was Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

I have never been a fan of the game series (or the anime for that matter, because of its SLOOOOOOOOW progress in storyline), and lets just say this game did nothing to turn me over. The game system has been made so that even noobs can have a devastatingly dangerous offence, but only expert players will have any type of decent defence. It sucks, badly.

The controls leave much to be desired. After half an hour, I almost threw my controller into my TV out of pure aggression from how bad the controls are. First of all, the Xbox 360 controller just isn’t built for fighting games, because the D-pad is fucking pathetic and if you use the left analogue stick, you lose 5-25% of your “input speed”, depending on how skilful you are, not to mention how much harder it makes double tapping quickly enough to evade moves.

Also, on the game system side, when dashing, you cannot simply stop and proceed by making regular attacks immediately after. When you stop after a dash, the characters pause for almost a full second without reacting to any other input like guard, attack, or move in another direction, which is more than enough time for the opponent to kick your ass.

Using one of the three different dash attacks, which is your only other option, make you dangerously predictable. In this sense, the first one to dash directly at the opponent will lose approx 1000 out of 3000HP, because they’ll without a doubt take the hit of an Ultimate Attack if the opponent has a full Ki bar.

On to the game itself! The main game storyline consists of three sagas, based on different arches in the story line of DBZ, and each saga is divided into several “episodes”:

  • The first arch is the arch with the Saiyajin (yes, I use the Japanese names…) invading earth (Vegeta and Nappa).
  • The second is the Freeza arch with the addition of what I suppose is based on the “The Father of Goku” special, where you play as Bardock.
  • The third is the Cell arch with the addition one of the movies that featured Broli.

The stories with Bardock and Broli are side-stories and are not unlocked until you complete the main storyline. I actually preferred playing through this rather than watching the almost 300 “oh my god, please kill me, the show is progressing so fucking slowly” episodes of the anime, because the game can be completed in only 7-10 hours, and you miss almost nothing of the plot despite it.

There is a feature called “Drama Pieces” in the game, which are little animations that lead to stat changes or have other beneficial features. I don’t know if such a thing existed in any of the previous games, and I actually don’t care, what I do know however, is that they will make life Hell for you in the trial modes.

I played survival to get a few of the achievements for the game and when I lost at opponent 76 of 100, the game of course showed my stats. It said that I had played the survival course for half an hour from the point I started to the point I lost. In active battle, this was true, I had spent half an hour.

In real time, however, because of the UNSKIPPABLE Drama Piece animations (unskippable, what the fuck were they thinking?!?!) that last anywhere between 2 to 20 seconds a piece, I had played for roughly 1½-2 hours, if not longer! This fucking sucks, I might add! This is probably one of the reasons they are turned off in online battles 99% of the time.

The achievements are abundant. There are 50 of them, of which 3 are worth 100 points each, and they are of course insanely hard to do. You can get roughly 250 points by simply playing through the story mode, 400 if you put in effort. But most of the other achievements are extremely bothersome, time consuming, and rarely worth the 5-15 points which is why I’ll probably not exceed 550 points in this crappy game.

As for live battles, I’ll tell you straight of the bat, I have no respect for a VAST majority of Vegeta players. With Vegeta, there is one common strategy that is like “the Holy Grail” of being a cheap-ass.

They set the game to 2 or more rounds, since transformations (e.g. turning Super Saiyajin) carry over to the next round. They transform at first chance they get, keep their distance, and spam INSANE amounts of the massively overpowered Big Bang special attack (can only be used in Super Sayajin form, which is why the 2 rounds are important, since as long as they transform, losing the first round means almost nothing).

The attack acts not only as the probably strongest special attack in the game in the sense that it crushes all other special attacks it collides with, but also acts as a impenetrable (with the exception of Ultimate Attacks) frontal shield while it is charging. They then use the Final Flash ultimate attack, which is neigh impossible to avoid and thus must be guarded at the expense of either your own Ki or Guard damage, at any available opportunity.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that Vegeta players don’t have skill, I’m just saying that 99.9% of Vegeta players are to busy being cheap to show that they do have skill. And hey, I’m all for using the tools the game gives you in order to win, but give me a fucking break, Vegeta should be soft banned or not be used cheaply.

To the right, there should be a video of a Vegeta mirror match, if there isn’t, please refresh the page. | Soldier TK | (player 2) plays with your standard cheap ass tactics that almost all Vegeta players use and that I have described, while Link X Live (player 1) belongs to the 0.1% of actually skillful players, who takes Vegeta to the next level of play.

All in all, I can only recommend this game to people who want to see the anime, but are afraid that their brains would implode from the painfully slow storyline progress, or to extreme fans, because I personally found this to be an extremely broken, imbalanced game that is abused much to easily. This one is gonna get returned for sure.

Yes, it really IS that crappy!
Achivement points gotten # of Achivements gotten Game “status”
500 Points 37 out of 50 Returned to store!!

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