QC for Saizen Subs? O.o

For those of you who don’t know, in fansubber jargon, ‘QC’ is short for ‘Quality Control’ (process) or ‘Quality Controller’ (person). Within a group a fansubbers, there may be several QCs (there usually are) and their job is as the name suggests; they check the quality of the other people’s work. By ‘other people’, I mean the translator(s), typesetters, timers, etc., to make sure the subtitles are correctly translated (if they know Japanese), placed in the right timeslot, are there long enough to be read, and have proper spelling and grammar, and they overall control whether or not a fansub is good enough to be released. And I applied to be one XD

I applied to be a QC for Saizen Fansubs for several reasons. For one, I like watching anime (duuuuur <_>), but also, I figured it would be a nice kind exercise for my Japanese and listening comprehension skills, since I’d be doing that, and having fun with it at the same time. Good mix of business and pleasure, I’d say ^^ Also, I like the anime Seizen have subbed in the past, and I can also respect the group for being one of the “gentleman fansubbers”, who will stop subbing a series if it becomes licenced in the US or if approached by the company producing the anime. So as the Cheezy Cantoneesy would say: “It’s all good in the neighbourhood!” XD As for whether or not it’s ethical or not to fansub in the first place, I’d rather get into that in a January post.

Anywho, becoming a QC for Saizen Subs is not just going to their site, filling out a form, and BAM! you’re a QC… okay, yeah, that *is* the first step, but shut up! >:3 After having applied, you have to take their test (of manhood! >:3 okay, not really) so they can see if you are actually any good. At time of writing, I am downloading the test, which is like 100MB, so I had some minutes to spare, which is why I’m writing this now XD The test is essentially like an actual QC situation; you download a subbed, non-QCed video, and you do the job a QC should do (make a report of all the errors you find), send it in, and if it’s good enough, I assume you’re accepted XD So, anywho, the test is almost done downloading, so best of luck to me!

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