Music of the Moment #6

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Until quite recently, my only experience with the music of Bobby McFerrin has been his probably international hit, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy“. And boy have I missed out. Bobby McFerrin is an AMAZING a cappela artist with an incredible vocal range! I am therefore dedicating this MotM to him, so that other people don’t miss out like I have. The videos are from two live appearences (I chose live shows so you can really get a feel for his capabilities), the one where he has short hair is is from Chant, I think, from 1984, and the the one where he has dreads is “Live from Montreal“.

Please note that not all his songs (read “lyrics”) are his own, and since the artist in all the videos in this MotM is Bobby McFerrin (well, he gets help from the audience in Ave Maria), I have decided to write the names of the original group/artist/composer instead of his, whenever the lyrics are from somewhere else.

NB! Unfortunately, since the writing of the post, it seems that all the videos from Chant have been removed from YouTube due to use violations ;_; I’ve replaced the ones I could find again.

#5: “Air” – Johann Sebastian Bach #4: “Ave Maria” – J. S. Bach / Charles Gounod
#3: “Drive” – Bobby McFerrin #2: “Blackbird” – The Beatles
#1: “By the Sea” – Bobby McFerrin

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