Econ Assignment 1, PAAAASU!!!

Just found out I passed the first written assignment in economy. My initial reaction was:

… wait, what?! O.o

quickly followed by:

OH FUCK YEAH!!! OH!!! FUCK!!! YEAH!!! This should be celebrated!! =D Where’s my candy?! =D …Wait, where *is* my candy?! O.o Oh dear God no… OH DEAR GOD NO, I HAVE NO CANDY!!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ;_;

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Hopefully, I’ll pass the written sociology assignment and the second economy assignment as well. I’ve handed in both of them, but I’m just waiting for my score o.O Oh, and while I’m in a teasing mood, you just lost The Game (I don’t care what xkcd says O.o).

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