Visiting MickeyD’s at 5 A.M.

I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Some time ago, I was chatting with South Korea on Messenger at 5.00 in the morning, as we often do, and being kind of hungry but not wanting to cook, I asked if he wanted to go to MickeyD’s. He probably thought I was kidding, but went along with it, until he was sitting in the bus on his way, at which point he called me to make sure it wasn’t a dream or a very mean joke XD

We meet up at MickeyD’s at 05.35, and according to its opening hours, it doesn’t close until 06.00. We go to the front door and see that a security guard seems to be locking the doors anyway, which struck us as odd, since they should still be open, so I open the front door and ask “I’m sorry, but are yo-“, at which points he goes “We’re closed, we’re closed, WE’RE CLOSED, CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED!!!! MRFMFMRMFMRFM!!!! *foam*.” Yeah okay, he didn’t actual foam, but the rest is true. Talk about PMSing while having roid rage… He’s probably one of the prime examples of the stereotype that security guards are people who failed as police officers because they were either too dumb or were deemed a danger to society should they ever wield a gun.

We of course had a backup plan, since while one MickeyD’s closes at six, the one at the Copenhagen Central Station opens at six (smart smart). We decided to walk around until then, and had not even passed 200 meters when we saw a giant police barrier. While not knowing at the time, I later found out that 20 or so minutes before we got there, two guys had got into a fight and one had shot the other. Talk about dodging a bullet! Well… us, not so much the guy who was shot, since he obviously didn’t dodge it… erm… yeah… *awkward silence* He didn’t die or anything, it hit his shoulder!! O.o

Anywho, we walked around for half an hour until the other MickeyD’s opened, at which time we obviously went there (duuuuuurrrrrr <__>). What we didn’t expect was that not only were we getting foodz for our money, but we were getting a show! While eating, across and to the left of us sat two guys (friends) and next to them, two girls (friends with eachother, but not the guys). Anywho, at some point, one of the guy burps, and I don’t mean one of those little “*Homf* oh, excuse me” ones, I mean one of those Barney Gumble “*BURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!* OH YEAH, BEST ONE THIS WEEK!!” burps.

The ‘point’ here is, that while most of us ignored it, one of the girls went into MAJOR “What the fuck is wrong with you?! ò_ó“-mode, and start scolding the guy and whatnot. The guy was cold as ice, and just responded with total senseless BS, which made the girl even more pissed, so she began to respond with total senseless BS. This went on for a straight 10-15 minutes. The girl’s friend was laughing her ass off, me and South Korea were laughing our asses off, the girl’s friend would see us laugh our asses off and laugh even harder herself, and the whole thing was better than Comedy Hour on TV.

So keep this in mind: If you ever feel like going to MickeyD’s, do it at 5 in the morning. If someone doesn’t kill you on the way there or on the way home, you’ll most likely have the funniest fucking time that entire month. My only regret is that I didn’t record any of it so that I could rewatch the entire thing XD

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