3 months with Kaiki

And I still suck at drawing… For those of you that don’t get the irony of this, it is because Kaiki is an absolutely AMAZING artist (see her works here) while I fail miserably at even drawing stick figures XD Thank goodness she she doesn’t like me for artistic skill, or I’d be DOOMED!! Guess size does matter… I’m just kidding XD

Truth be told, she has had an influence on me. Well several, but not all are relevant to this post XD *ahem* I have actually drawn and animated more since we started dating, but as already mentioned, I still suck terribly at it. In the top right, you’ll see the drawing I made her a few days before we actually started dating, and yet her close friends kept introducing me to everyone else as her boyfriend, the times I visited her school XD Good times, good times… She has some crazy friends, but I like them ^_^ They make me seem normal! XD (The Russian is gonna kill me for that one…)

For those of you who don’t get the joke in the drawing, I’ll explain it. The guy on the left is me with purple hair (I used to dye it purple because it is an AWESOME colour), while the yellow seahorse on the right is Kaiki, since her name in Chinese is 黄飞. At the time, I could only read 黄, which means “yellow”, and since I couldn’t read 飞, I just said that it was a seahorse, since it looked like one. Hence, the yellow seahorse (yeah, beware of my wit, it’s so sharp you might cut yourself if you come too close XD). And yes, I have since figured out that I couldn’t read/understand 飞 because it is the simplified form of 飛 which is what is used in Japanese. For those of you who are interested, it means “(to) fly”.

For our first anniversary, I drew her picture, though I must admit that I’ve forgotten if it was my idea, or if I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted a drawing XD The result remains the same though, the picture was drawn and I shit you not when I say I tried the best that I could. So on the left, you’ll see a drawing made to the best of my ability. Compared to some of her stuff, it looks pretty bad, no? XD

I do have a sense for details though. The hair is in the style she usually wears her hair, when she doesn’t have a hair band (bangs covering her right eye). The necklace is one she actually owns (a chain with handcuffs) and that she lent me indefinitely so that I would have something to remember her by, however, I turned out to be allergic to the chain, so I could only wear it with collared shirts XD She usually wears belts, writes “kufufu” to me on messenger as an evil laugh, and she likes to wear jacket/coat like things that are a bit long (extend over part of the legs). I don’t know if she ever noticed those things, or if she was too ecstatic over the fact that I drew visible boob lines XD never before have I seen a girl look at a drawing of her self and exclaim “Yaaay! She has boobs! *big smile*“, but it was cute none the less :P

I have recently begun to think that my lack of skills when it comes to drawing isn’t as much lack of talent as it is lack of experience to convert images in my head to images on paper. Now, my grandpappy was a painter, and a pretty famous one too, back in the day. He’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records for having painted 76 paintings in roughly 10 hours (he finished a painting every 8 minutes, twice as fast as what P.S. Kröyer bragged about being able to do).

Anywho, my grandpappy was what got referred to as a “fidusmaler” in Danish. The term is difficult to explain, but it is essentially and artist that paints something that is not really considered “art” per sé, which is redundant, since basically anything can be considered art… Anywho, one of the things he would do every now and again, was that he would buy postcards depicting landscapes or flowers or whatever, and use them for inspiration to paint his own stuff (sometimes, making paintings depicting the exact same thing as the postcard). The painting on the right is one done by him, and I think it is one of his original works, though I’m not entirely sure.

The point of all this is that perhaps that’s just the kind of skill I have. I can’t draw my own stuff, at least not until I get one Hell of a lot more experience, but when it comes to making drawings that are copies of other drawings, I have a somewhat decent success rate, as you should be able to see below.

Original My copy on a post-it

Kind of a big difference compared to how I usually draw, wouldn’t you say? Maybe she loves me for my copy-art skill XD Anywho, I was hoping to finish off the post by showing off Kaiki’s drawings that she wanted to draw for me for our 3 month anniversary, however, she pushed herself too much and drew for several hours, injuring her arms and tendons even more… So I’ll save the drawing for another time, and instead wish her a speedy recovery ^_^ So sweety, get well soon! Happy three month anniversary, lubs you lots and lots ♥♥♥

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