Got Milk?

Yeah, so we were doing the econ assignement in a group of five people, and stopped so that people could eat. Because I’m kinda picky, I didn’t buy any food myself, but rather grossed my friends out with icky stories and nicked their potatoes while they were grossed out.

Aaaanywho, Naka (a friend) bought a chocolate milk, and started coughing or felt unwell for a sec or something which led to Aucry (another friend) quoting the stereotype about Asian people being lactose intolerant.

This somehow led to a lengthy discussion within the entire group about how ‘odd’ it is for people to drink the milk of other creatures, going as far as calling it “a sick fetish“, instead of sticking to human breast milk.

Strictly logically speaking, it would make sense. It sounds gross, but it makes sense. Comparing human breast milk with e.g. cow’s milk, human breast milk is healthier for humans, at least during the growing ages.

This lead to the extreme hypothetical case of us making giant human breast milk dairies attaching breast pumps to women as to extract the milk and to make human breast milk products such as cheese and stuff O.o

So let this be a warning to your all. If you aren’t already fucked up, you will be if you study business economy, especially if its with any of us.

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