M Dash is Mine all Mine

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well, a short explanation is due, I suppose. As you may have noticed, Madhatta posting here has been a sight rarer than the Sasquatch. The reason for this is that he split off and made a blog just for himself, which you can find on katakanabento.org. Even though he left, this place technically still belonged to him, since he payed for the domain. This however changed a few days ago when I coughed up the dough, so technically, I own this place for the next year XD

In terms of posting, this changes nothing, I’ll still be posting here and Madhatter will still mainly be posting on katakanabento, and from time to time, we’ll guest-star on eachother’s blogs, so this could turn out to be pretty interesting.

Also, thanks to WordPress 2.7’s nifty “QuickPress”, I can finally make those short, random posts I’ve always dreamed of, so expect more randomness on M Dash ^^ And feel free to write topic requests in the guestbook for me to make 5 minute rants on :3 If the topics are pretty big, they may even become podcasts on katakanabento :P

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