New plans for M Dash

As you may have noticed, I have spent most of my night reviving what I could of M Dash from the bits and pieces I had backups of myself (all my own posts), and the cached pages I could find on the web of everyone else’s. And yes, I am very tempted to call this version of our site Franken-Dash…

I revived it for a simple reason; I am no longer going to Japan this summer. It’s a slightly complex story that I will deal with in a future post (probably tomorrow), but the result is that I now have a shit load of time on my hands and nothing much to do with it. So I decided I could spend a few hours a day studying, gaming, learning to make foodz, and post here about how terribly I failed at it XD

Anywho, since I will be alone on this(…) for a while, since Madhatter is sick, or has no Internet, or is busy with something else, or all of the above, there will be a few changes in the “program” to accommodate this loss of contributions(…).


•The bi-weekly animoo rant is gonna continue on the weekends of uneven weeks.

•The overall posts will be shorter, but more frequent, since now I know that Madhatter won’t be contributing, so I won’t expect him to make a post every four days to “even things out”. Instead, I will try to make posts roughly every two days. Because of this, I’ll be implementing a scoring system for if I make movie or game reviews, despite me not liking to give a numerical score, simply to shorten the amount of stuff I have to write. Animoo rants will keep their “The Oppinion”-section, that is not changing.

•Overall content will cover a much wider area. Before, we focused only on animoo rants, videos, events, and comics, and you can all see how well that went… So to up the number of posts, I’m upping the number of things that can be posted about, as well as what qualifies as “events”.

•Some rants will have a darker, more sarcastic tone. This is basically because I can be a bastard at times, and some people just piss me off. The posts I use to “blow off steam” will be marked with a demon head or a skull or something at the top of the post, so that readers will be aware of it being that sort of rant. I might create a special category for these kind of rants, in case there are people who actually enjoy reading that kind of stuff. But now you know, so don’t say you weren’t warned about it.

•Anything video or drawing related will be very scarce. This is mainly because 1) I don’t have a camera to record stuff with, and 2a) I don’t own a scanner; 2b) even if I did, I suck at drawing. To you artsy pansy lovers (I say that in a loving way XD), I will try to do a drawing or two every now and again, or perhaps ask my girlfriend (Kaiki), if she’s willing to contribute with some of her amazing art. I may however just combine the drawings I make with the other posts I do, but we’ll see.

That is pretty much it. Hope to see an increase in readers and that those of you who were already readers come to enjoy the site more. Be sure to tell your friends about any posts you like, or think that they might like, by using our new ShareThis function found at the bottom of every post. You can even add it to your profiles on various pages, like Facebook, Hi5, or LiveJournal, so go nuts with it ^_^

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